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Aparthotel Boquete - Apartments for 1 or 2 with kitchen and private terrace

Restaurants, Cafés & Bars in Boquete

Reataurant Tre Scalini

Restaurant Tre Scalini

Restaurant Al Punto

Restaurant Al Punto

Restaurant Donde Giselle

Restaurant Donde Giselle 

Italian Restaurant Otto

Restaurant Otto

Café  Fábrica de Chocolate

Café  Fábrica de Chocolate

Restaurant Retrogusto

Restaurant Retrogusto 

Nightclub Taboo

Nightclub Taboo

Restaurant Lounge 23

Restaurant Lounge 23

Medical Services & Doctors in Boquete

Doctor in Boquete - Clinica Especializada Boquete - Dr. Gomez & Dra. Shannon

Clinica Especializada Boquete

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Public Heath Services - Ministerio de Salud - Centro de Salud - Emergency - Ambulance - Boquete

MinSa - Centro de Salud - ER

Medical Services in Alto Boquete - Dra. Digna Díaz (Internist)

Consultorios Médicos Alfa

Clínica Especializada de Dolega, Boquete branch - Dra. Nicole Lopez

Clinica Especializada de Dolega #2


Boquete - Park by the River

Boquete Bees & Butterflies

Boquete - Park by the River

Beautiful Waterfalls

Boquete - Park by the River

The Park by the River

A Trip to Boquete's Waterfalls

The Waterfall of Bajo Mono Campingsite - Video

A beautiful walk through green fields and woods to an impressing cascade 
where you can even take a bath in a small lake at its foot

La Cascada Escondida - Video

Las Cascadas Perdidas - Video

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If you use Waze, look for "Lost Waterfalls "

The route to the most beautiful waterfalls of Boquete
From the Aparthotel Boquete, turn right onto the main road towards Los Naranjos. When the path forks at Los Naranjos, follow the road to the right.

After about 100 m, you will see rocks face on the left side, which visitors like to use for climbing. Shortly after this, you will pass over a bridge over the Caldera River. Follow the road, the river will remain on your left. After a couple of kilometres, the road crosses the river again after a left turn.
After this bridge, look for the signs announcing "Bajo Mono Camping Site". Park your car there. The owners will then show you how to get to the waterfall on foot.

From here, you can reach also other waterfalls.

If you continue on this road in the original direction, you will come to another detour to the left where "Sendero de los Quetzales" is signposted. Turn right here onto a narrower paved road and follow it to the end. There you will park your vehicle and register with the local forest officials who will tell you where to proceed to reach the "Lost Waterfall".

Las cascadas más hermosas de Boquete